• Hello!

    I am a relentlessly optimistic UX designer who is passionate about diving into complex topics, discovering an understanding of the problem area, and developing enjoyable experiences for real people.

    Aside from my passion for design, I can contribute a fresh perspective, empathetic approach, and strong work ethic. I am quick to take initiative on projects and thrive in fast-paced and collaborative environments.

  • What I Do


    From quick sketches on the back of scrap paper to designs refined through iterations and testing; wireframes are how I translate problems and requirements into a vision.


    An idea comes alive when you can share it on the device it's intended for. Prototyping is an integral part of my process and I hardly go a day without invision.

    Design research

    I feel completely at home planning research, leading a brainstorm session, and standing next to a white board scribbling the team's ideas. I love the moment when you know you are onto something real.

  • Additional Skills

    Process Flows

    Site Maps

    Competitive Analysis

    Content Audits


    Stakeholder Presentations

    Information Architecture

    Requirements Gathering

  • Experience


    • Senior User Experience Designer July '14 - Jan '17

    • UX Designer July '13-'14

    • Assoc. UX Designer July '12-'13

    • UX Design Intern June '11 - Aug '11


    Developing user experiences through wireframes, prototypes, user flows, site maps, content audits, and functional specifications. Working closely with clients to shape product direction. Collaborating with visual design, development, and QA teams to execute the vision through launch.


    Who I've Worked With: Electrolux/Frigidaire, Zarbees, Barclaycard, Verizon Wireless, USPS, Calvin Klein

    Platforms: Responsive, iOS, Hybrid, Android, Desktop & Mobile Web



    Carnegie Mellon University

    Industrial Design, BFA 2008 - 2012



    Interactive Learning Spaces, Interactive Art and Computation Design, Exploring Programming with Graphics, Senior Design Lab, Products in Systems, Making Things Interactive, Mapping and Diagramming, Prototyping, Digital Prototyping, How Things are Made, How Things Work, How People Work, Information Warfare.



    Varsity Indoor and Outdoor Track & Field

    Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority

    Orientation Counselor



    Graduated with University & College Honors

    Senior Class Merit Award '12

    Ethal Kirk & Mary Murdock Scholarship


    School Portfolio: http://cargocollective.com/lucilaffitte



    Victoria University of Wellington

    Industrial Design, Study Abroad Fall 2010



    Brand and Identity, Neuropsychology, Creative Coding.

    Boston Museum of Science

    Exhibit Design Intern May 2010 - Dec 2010

    Developing physical prototypes and interactive screen content for the “Science Behind the Interfaces” exhibit.


    Luci is an exceptional STEM Exhibit, Program and Content designer, who understands not only the design, technical, and engineering elements - along with prototyping, testing, and piloting, but as well the human considerations and interfaces. Ms. Laffitte handles project details and the overall project together with dedication and timely deliverables. She is an individual contributor, works well as a team member, and essentially does whatever is needed to get the job done, inside and outside of the project scope.  — Dan Noren